06 March, 2015

Free a Thousand Dollar from ShareCash

Sharecash is a web site PPD (Pay Per Download) which is very suitable for publishers who want to look for dollar coins just to fill the balance of Paypal and Payoneer. ShareCash working system is quite easy, publisher live upload files on the website and promote ShareCash download link uploaded files that we had to post blogs or social networks. Wages that we can also very passable, ranging from $ 1 - $ 10 dollars / download. The size of the wages that we can in ShareCash depending on the priorities of the country. Priority countries with high wages that America, France, Canada and its surroundings.
In my opinion, this ShareCash very profitable and suitable for blogs themed 'download'. And of course for those of you, who have the highest bidding download blog, it will not be difficult to withdraw dollars from ShareCash wages every month. To make a payout in ShareCash, you can use PayPal, Payoneer, Payquicker, Paxum, and Checks. To see the minimum withdrawal in each Early, you can see the list below. 

1. Payoneer 
Prepaid MasterCard - Minimum: $ 20.00 
International and US Bank Transfers - Minimum: $ 50.00 
2. Payquicker 
Minimum: $ 20.00 
3. Paxum 
Minimum: $ 20.00 
4. PayPal 
Minimum $ 75.00 
5. Checks 
Domestic Minimum $ 50.00 
Domestic Fee: $ 2.50 
Domestic delivery time: 5-7 days via regular mail 
International Minimum: $ 100.00 
International Fee: $ 4.95 
Internatonal delivery time: 15-21 days via regular mail 

For excellence ShareCash than sejeninya website is, if you get at least an average of $ 25 / day, or $ 350 in a period of two weeks, you will be upgraded to Premier earner and receive an additional payment of Bi-Weekly, of course this will add value PPD program in ShareCash wages. 

There have been many publishers who have proof it, on average their income ranges $ 500/day to use a blog entitled 'download'. 

To earn an average of $ 50 / day from ShareCash, it was pretty easy. Well, for those of you who want to try the PPD (Pay Per Download) on ShareCash, you can directly register via the link below.

11 October, 2010

Mempercepat koneksi internet hingga 10 kali lipat?!

Koneksi internet anda lelet? Silahkan anda coba software Onspeed 6.0.9 , software ini bisa meningkatkan kecepatan internet anda hingga 10 kali lipat!!!(Dial-up – 10x Faster, Broadband – 5x Faster, Mobile connections – 8x Faster). Saya pribadi memang tidak menggunakan software ini (karena selama ini memakai koneksi lewat warnet terus), tapi bolehlah anda coba (taruh komentar anda ya... apakah software ini benar-benar berfungsi apa tidak)
Silahkan DOWNLOAD DISINI atau DI SINI atau DI SINI (Banyak tho... tapi pilih salah satu aja gan, biar gak puyeng tuh ente punya kepala)

Di bawah ini ada beberapa software lainnya yang bisa anda gunakan untuk meningkatkan kecepatan browsing internet anda:

- Flash Speed 200%
Flash Speed 200% is an Internet accelerator that help you optimize your Internet connection speed 200% or more. The software changes some Windows settings to give you faster performance, and optimize your Internet connection speed 200% or more according to your computer. It support optimiz Dial-Up, Lan, Cable, ADSL, HDSL, VDSL and PPPoE connections up to 200% faster. Increase your download speeds.

Download Flash Speed 200%

Silahkan di coba di jamin mantap...!